Remodeling a room in your home can take weeks of work, if not months when planning and preparation are taken into consideration.

Contact several knowledgeable plumbing contractors beforehand to make sure it all happens smoothly and painlessly.

It doesn’t matter what room you are remodeling, there is always lots of work involved in the process, and it is always a challenging undertaking for homeowners and building managers who wish to renovate their homes or buildings.

Whether it’s a living room that needs to be moved around and redecorated or a more invasive kitchen reworking, remodeling your home or business space is often something that you should outsource to a professional.

Other times the improvement work is so uncomplicated that it does not require messing around with electrical and water systems or moving heavy, cumbersome objects that few people can manage on their own.

And unless you just need something moved across the house or just taken away most people won’t be willing to pay for this type of redecoration.

However, that is not the case with bathroom and laundry room remodeling as these spaces tend to rely heavily on water and electrical systems that are complex and require a certain amount of knowledge and experience to service.

It can be expensive and labor intensive to improve upon these rooms, so, amateurs and do it yourselfers should not want to screw around with a serious project like this unless they are extremely thick headed, very handy, or have some professional experience already.

Because both of these rooms rely heavily on the water system to function properly either as a bathroom, with running water for toilets, showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Or as a laundry room where one needs water flowing into and draining away from the washing machine, very often a big utility sink, and maybe even a floor drain.

Therefore, most people remodeling their bathrooms or laundry rooms seek out a professional plumber who has trained in the art of remodeling a room.


Although plumbing and remodeling are separate specialties, many plumbers can do both.


However, finding a qualified plumber who can adequately complete these jobs can be a formidable task for anyone.

Not to mention just finding a plumber who can do both and getting them scheduled to do a remodel of your bathroom or laundry room can take weeks.

Although, even just finding the name of a good plumber who also does remodeling can be a difficult act in itself, because you may live in a small town and the pickin’s are slim.

But, the best plumbers are commercially available assets to property owners.

Often the best place to get recommendations for a plumbing remodeler is word of mouth.

Friends, co-workers, and neighbors in your area are likely to have had remodeling projects performed over the years, and their recommendations will probably be the most valuable names you can find if they were genuinely satisfied with the work they received on their remodeling projects.

If you know someone who had an excellent bathroom or laundry room renovation completed, no matter long ago, ask them who did the work and then see if you can locate that plumber’s phone number.

If your personal network can not produce the name of a plumber, the internet is another valuable resource for anyone seeking out a plumber to do a remodeling job.


Crowd-Sourced Peer Reviewed Websites Are The Best Place On The Web To Find Specialists


Angie’s List is sometimes the best place to find home remodeling and plumbing professionals, and their list of peer reviews is scrupulously watched to ensure that trolls and vandals do not mess up their system.

Many other websites also contribute names of plumbers and have reviews of their service.

Yelp is a popular one frequently used for rating restaurants and other local businesses.

Google Maps also provides customer reviews for businesses along with their address, phone number, and directions for getting there. Although, not every company takes the initiative or even knows they can get listed with this service.

Angie’s List tends to be a more extensive review type site, but even they won’t always have all of the information you want on the local plumbers you are considering to hire for your remodeling project.

Using these websites should get you the names of some specialists who you can call who offer restoration services.

Once you have armed yourself with a list of plumbers who also specialize in remodeling work, the next step is to compare them.

You can get started by reading their online reviews as this can offer a surprisingly clear picture of a plumber’s skill level and professionalism, yet it is advisable to read multiple reviews before you start dialing up a plumber.

Keep in mind that one bad review should not chase you away from a plumber, but recurring reports that indicate an inclination for botched jobs or hearing about problems others had will be a good indicator that you will want to stay away from a particular company.

Additionally, many plumbers have websites of their own (typically found by using a search engine and utilizing their name as a search term), and many are eager to show off the kind of work they perform.

Looking at their previous renovation work is an excellent way to see what they can do for you.

Plumbers who do remodeling also tend to offer improvement packages as well, seeing what these combinations will look like is a major step towards deciding which one you want.

You may have to compare multiple remodeling packages from various plumbing companies to determine what you want your bathroom or laundry room to look like, so be thoughtful.

Highly customized work where the client lays down a strict plan of what they want their bathroom or laundry room to look like tends to cost extra.

Although, for most of us we just pick some fixtures and some colors, maybe even some tile, and then let the pro go to town based on his quote.

Once you have an idea of who you are going to hire to perform your project, the next step is a matter of scheduling.

A plumber will visit the room you want to have renovated, then examine several elements to determine what exactly needs to be done to perform the required work to meet the owner’s expectations.

Scheduling the initial inspection and quote can be a quick process that happens in the next day or two, or it may be a couple of weeks out.

Once the plumber has a good idea of what needs to happen, and you are happy with the agreement you made with the pro, then the actual work will need to be scheduled.

Sometimes rescheduling is necessary as situations arise ranging from illness, unfavorable weather, or jobs running longer than expected, but the vast majority of plumbers will get the work done eventually.

Once started these jobs frequently range from three to four days to complete unless you are opting for a very extensive remodel.